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The SideReel app is on the iPad

Hey, SideReelers! We’re always trying to give you more ways to find, track and watch your favorite TV. So we’re happy to announce that you can now use the SideReel app on your iPad! The newly released second version of our iOS app is iPad compatible and syncs easily with iTunes and Hulu Plus, so […]

SideReel Launches TV Listings

Exciting news, SideReelers! We have launched a new feature that will give you yet another way to keep up to date with everything that’s on TV: listings! These are different from our show calendar and your tracker in that they are all-inclusive Primetime listings (whereas the show calendar is a view of popular new episodes […]

SideReel Turns On Frictionless Sharing

Hey SideReelers- We have some exciting new updates in the land of SideReel Social. Much like some of your other favorite services (think Spotify or Hulu), we’ve launched Frictionless Sharing for our Facebook & Twitter Connected users. What does this mean? This means that IF you are a Facebook and/or Twitter connected user, you now […]

SideReel Feature Spotlight: What’s That Box?

Hey SideReelers! You may have noticed (and/or lamented) that when you click on a link to watch a video on the site, a popup displays on your screen immediately afterwards. Here’s why! This popup is an opportunity for you to either: 1) Mark the episode as watched and save that information to your SideReel account. […]

SideReel’s Merge Accounts Feature is Live!

Good news, SideReelers! Our brand-new Merge Accounts feature is now LIVE! If you’ve previously tried to Facebook-Connect (or Twitter-Connect) your SideReel account and ended up with separate/duplicate accounts instead of one fully-connected account, you can now merge your multiple accounts into one (without losing all your tracked shows and watched episode progress)! To begin the […]

A Note About SideReel Social

Hey SideReelers! Hurrah! SideReel is getting more social! New enhanced social features are in the works, but in the meantime, the SideReel Team wants to give you a heads-up about what to expect. For those of you who use Facebook Connect to log into your SideReel account, you’ve likely noticed that Facebook is asking for […]

Product Update: SideReel Tracker New Features are Here!

Time for another Product Update! We hope all of our Android users have been enjoying the App since its release – as announced in our previous (and first) update. As always, we’re eager to receive your feedback. Today, Zach’s back with exciting Tracker features and an Android milestone:

Product Update: The SideReel Android App is Here and SideReel Tracker Filtering by Show Status Coming Soon!

The SideReel blog is back in action! Apologies for our absence. First up, check out the first of our Product Update video series! Learn about the latest updates to SideReel and what you can look forward to in the future.