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SideReel Feature Spotlight: What’s That Box?

Hey SideReelers!

You may have noticed (and/or lamented) that when you click on a link to watch a video on the site, a popup displays on your screen immediately afterwards. Here’s why! This popup is an opportunity for you to either:

1) Mark the episode as watched and save that information to your SideReel account.


2) Flag the link for removal if it did not function properly. You can then select a different link.

Since we realized how different these 2 functions are, we’ve revised this popup in the hopes of making it even more useful!

Now, after clicking on a link, SideReel will attempt to guess on your behalf whether you will want to do #1 or #2. Depending on this guess, you’ll see a different popup. If we think you were successfully able to watch your episode, we will display this:

However, if we think you were not able to sucessfully watch an episode, you will instead see THIS version of the same popup:

Believe it or not, these new popups have already been out on the site for over a month. We really hope that they have helped to make your episode watching experience on SideReel even more positive; they have certainly helped us to maintain a better catalog. However, keep in mind that if you prefer not to see this popup after clicking on a link that does not work, that you can disable it from your preferences on your profile.

As always, we’re happy to hear any feedback you about this feature. Has it worked for you? Did you even notice a change?

-The SideReel Team

A Note to Our Users

A Note to Our Users-
As you have been using SideReel in recent months to watch and track your favorite TV shows online, you may have experienced some frustration in that there have been fewer options as to where you are able to watch your favorite shows. Furthermore, some of you have noted that you have submitted links offering options to watch shows, only to find that they are then being removed from the site.
We have read your comments, concerns and feedback. Here’s the good news: SideReel isn’t going anywhere! It has always been a part of SideReel’s copyright policy that we follow takedown requests from copyright holders. SideReel will remain a place where you can both watch TV online and submit links to do so; we will also continue to uphold our copyright policy.
Aside from being a place to watch your favorite shows online, we want to remind you that we are committed to providing you with a more awesome entertainment experience. This is why we’ve been rolling out enhancements to your TV Tracker, SideReel’s news and original video segments and our social features, as well as a number of exciting new features that are on the horizon. SideReel most importantly is a community created by TV fans for TV fans and we are excited about what’s in store for the future. We love our users and look forward to hearing your input on what other features and experiences you want our team to build for you!

-The SideReel Team

SideReel’s Merge Accounts Feature is Live!

Good news, SideReelers! Our brand-new Merge Accounts feature is now LIVE! If you’ve previously tried to Facebook-Connect (or Twitter-Connect) your SideReel account and ended up with separate/duplicate accounts instead of one fully-connected account, you can now merge your multiple accounts into one (without losing all your tracked shows and watched episode progress)!

To begin the process, click here! (or go to:

Please email if you have any additional questions!


Happy Birthday to SideReel!

Today is a special day at SideReel as it marks our 5th birthday!

On April 19th, 2007, SideReel went live. A lot has changed since then. Check out some flashbacks to the past and see how far we’ve come!


TV Show Page:

We’ve come a long way! Thanks for taking part in the journey with us!


A Note About SideReel Social

Hey SideReelers!

Hurrah! SideReel is getting more social! New enhanced social features are in the works, but in the meantime, the SideReel Team wants to give you a heads-up about what to expect.

For those of you who use Facebook Connect to log into your SideReel account, you’ve likely noticed that Facebook is asking for you to update your permissions in order to log into your account.

We at SideReel want you to know that nothing has changed on our end, and you still have 100% control of what SideReel posts on your behalf. Facebook has updated the way they do permissions, which requires you to accept them once again in order to log in, but your SideReel activity will still only be posted if you actively choose to publish it. This includes sharing your tracked shows and watched episodes on your news feed, timeline, or your friends’ timelines.

Before any of SideReel’s new social features go live, you’ll be presented with plenty of new privacy controls. Be assured that you will always have complete control of what you share on SideReel and on Facebook, and you’ll be able to customize the way you share your TV addiction with your friends.

We welcome your feedback, so please drop us a line in the comments or at for any further questions or concerns!

SideReel Trends: Most Popular Shows & Videos of 2011

If you visit SideReel frequently, you probably have noticed our weekly Top 10 Lists scattered around the site. With 2011 coming to a close, we thought you’d be curious to know what the Top 10 Most Popular Shows of the year are based on site traffic. Without further ado:

1. How I Met Your Mother
2. Gossip Girl
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. Glee
5. Pretty Little Liars
6. Modern Family
7. Jersey Shore
8. Grey’s Anatomy
9. Vampire Diaries
10. 90210

True Blood fans might be surprised to see that their favorite fangbangers are absent from this list. The series narrowly missed out, landing at #11. However, this is still quite impressive, considering that True Blood is only on for 12 episodes and less than 3 total months of the year.

How many of these shows do you watch?

2011 has also been a huge year in Original Video for SideReel. Our Youtube Channel has grown from less than 200 to over 8,500 subscribers. We’ve produced over 1,000 original videos. Here are the 10 most popular:

1. A Shocking Glee Death to Come during Regionals & Glee Volume 5 Released
2. Glee Season 3 Spoilers! Brittany & The Glee Project Winner Damian McGinty Shack Up!
3. How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Scoop: Could things begin to wrap up for HIMYM?
4. One Tree Hill Season 9 Premiere Scoop!
5. Interview with The Big Bang Theory’s Carol Ann Susi on Playing Howard’s Mom, Mrs. Walowitz
6. Sophia Bush Talks Season 9 for One Tree Hill – Will Season 8 be its Last?
7. Godric Returns to True Blood in Season 4!
8. Supernatural Season 7 Sneak Peek!
9. Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 – Lexie Grey to Steal Meredith’s Spotlight?
10. Kaley Cuoco Poses Naked for Allure Magazine Shoot

You can watch ALL of SideReel’s original videos over on Reel TV. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback on our videos, about SideReel, or anything else you wish to share!
Happy Holidays!

SideReel Milestone: 4 Million!

Yesterday, our 4 millionth user signed up to find, track and watch shows on SideReel. This is an exciting milestone for us, as we doubled our registered users in less than one year! We reached 2 million registered users in January.

Thanks, awesome users, and as always we’re excited to hear any feedback that you may have.

Anyone want to guess when we’ll hit 5 million?

Product Update: SideReel Tracker New Features are Here!

Time for another Product Update!

We hope all of our Android users have been enjoying the App since its release – as announced in our previous (and first) update. As always, we’re eager to receive your feedback.

Today, Zach’s back with exciting Tracker features and an Android milestone: