A Note to Our Users

By May 18, 2012 SideReel News 15 Comments
A Note to Our Users-
As you have been using SideReel in recent months to watch and track your favorite TV shows online, you may have experienced some frustration in that there have been fewer options as to where you are able to watch your favorite shows. Furthermore, some of you have noted that you have submitted links offering options to watch shows, only to find that they are then being removed from the site.
We have read your comments, concerns and feedback. Here’s the good news: SideReel isn’t going anywhere! It has always been a part of SideReel’s copyright policy that we follow takedown requests from copyright holders. SideReel will remain a place where you can both watch TV online and submit links to do so; we will also continue to uphold our copyright policy.
Aside from being a place to watch your favorite shows online, we want to remind you that we are committed to providing you with a more awesome entertainment experience. This is why we’ve been rolling out enhancements to your TV Tracker, SideReel’s news and original video segments and our social features, as well as a number of exciting new features that are on the horizon. SideReel most importantly is a community created by TV fans for TV fans and we are excited about what’s in store for the future. We love our users and look forward to hearing your input on what other features and experiences you want our team to build for you!

-The SideReel Team


  • cococonure says:

    I have been watching shows on Sidereel for a few years now, because I don’t have a tv. However, I have been having more and more difficulties in being able to watch them with your site because so many of the links are to say the least very sketchy–in fact often my security system warns me that the links are dangerous on a fairly regular basis. Then there are the sites that won’t let you leave unless you click that your really want to leave–a very common trick to make you pick up a virus on your way out. And although I have a powerful computer with a good high speed internet connection, I get stuck with stop start stop start really bad streaming… and those annoying casino and gaming ads that pop up all the time… I could go on. I guess we get what we pay for right? ; ) but really, the quality of sites you host has gone down. Now I’m going to try to get caught up with Mad Men…

  • cat says:

    whats the point in tracking shows that you have to pay for, guess it was nice knowing you. bye

  • Amanda Shine says:

    do you know where I can watch all of the episodes of season three of the vampire diaries

  • BS says:

    “Here’s the good news: SideReel isn’t going anywhere!”

    And those of us who actually want to WATCH something, without following pointless links, or links to HIGHLY questionable sites, or links to grubby “pay us or else” sites like comcast — we care you’re not going anywhere . . . WHY?!! You offer NOTHING anymore. Why should we care about your so-called “enhancements”, your “TV tracker” (big deal, like that isn’t found on DOZENS of other sites — FOR FREE), or your “original video segments” (yawn).

    Goodbye. I won’t be back until you actually have something to offer besides . . . well, nothing.

  • Naomi Gersh says:

    I am trying to watch episodes of project runway on my iPad and when I click on the episode, nothing happens. No show plays

  • Winona says:

    is this a scam? you make it appear that i can watch a certain past episode but it isn’t true…… what’s the deal?

  • Sanved says:

    Its ok, i am fine with it, you are doing a great job, keep up with it !

  • Drea says:

    So I signed up and am ready to watch some episodes of Las Vegas and…… NOTHING. Why?

  • DG says:

    Im confused by the idiotic comments …except for the last one. No one is paying for anything. Links are posted by Sidereel but by individuals, some of whom are scrupulous. I think its great that I can come here and watch many shows that don’t air in Canada and watch them for free.

    I love Sidereel. If I can’t find a good link here, I do have other sites as back up but by and large I can find Sidereel to be one of the best sites for watching shows.

  • cassiethepug says:

    What happened watched episode box? Annoying to have to go back to show tracker to check box. Also, getting warning that some of the content on tracker page is not secure.

  • Gary Anderson says:

    I am sorry but this is a lame excuse for your alleged enhancements which I doubt will ever come to fruition. Also you need people to want to use your site but without your present links to popular shows there isn’t a demand to use your site. I expect to see this website fail badly now. I loved your site but now have to use other sites now to find all of my favourite shows that are broadcast in the USA. I live in Ireland and many shows don’t appear over here on TV till over a year after they are broadcast in the US. I see no reason for people to use your site and you give no apparent reason why people still should only using the words “enhancements” as a reason which gives me no encouragement at all. Sidereel I am sorry to see you go but anyone watching TV would probably find all the information you give in their local TV section of their newspaper of magazine. Goodbye Sidereel there are now much better sites available than your lame efforts of late for watching TV on the internet.

  • raphaelle says:

    still cant get any decent links really starting to panic !! true blood starts sunday.

  • wizarddrummer says:

    To be honest, I like the Tracker.

    And while I don’t understand why all of this copyright bullcrap has to be in place for shows that were broadcast over the air, I do appreciate ANY sites that help me watch TV or Movies because I don’t live in the USA anymore.

    I can’t go to NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, TNT, SyFy or any other site to watch the freebies like everyone in the USA can do. “This content is not available in your area.”

    What this means for me is that I have to use a number of different sites to accomplish my task of TV viewership.

    Install Firefox and NoScript and you lose about 90% of unwanted casino ads.

    I’m not a big fan of Sidereel’s videos or picks either because I NEVER agree with critics. Critics are people that can’t deliver any goods. They can’t act, perform musically or sing or do anything that they are criticizing.

    Plus, MY opinion counts as much as their opinion does, unless somehow that they have been bestowed with a plaque that says they have more right to be on this planet than anyone else.

  • nowwar says:

    am sorry but im still not able to watch what i want

  • karen says:

    i would like to watch the adventures of rin tin tin how do I do this

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