Ad Age Conference Fallout – Is Cable Box TV Dying a Slow Death?

By April 17, 2013 Content Trends No Comments

Is TV truly and irrevocably changing in front of our eyes?digi_logo

That was certainly the sentiment at Ad Age’s Digital Conference (read their write-up here) where future predictions and prognostications were abound as industry heads touted the development of a TV experience encompassing digital services just as much as, if not more than, cable subscriptions.


At SideReel, we’ve long believed that the TV consumer is going through a consequential change, desiring much more than what he or she can get on broadcast and cable channels from a set-top box. With game-changers like Aereo, we’re be given more and more opportunities to get our TV in other ways.

And that doesn’t even take into account the disruptive power that streaming original TV has. When Netflix announced Arrested Development would be moving exclusively to its streaming service, and then the company’s original House of Cards soared to success, it certainly signaled a changing TV landscape.

But does it signal the end of broadcast and cable TV, or do networks and cable providers just have to wake up and realize that the consumer just won’t stand for only watching TV on a set-top box?

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