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Have You Updated Your SideReel iOS App?

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Hey iOS users, we’ve recently updated the SideReel app (for iPhone AND iPad), which now contains a frequently requested new feature as well as stability fixes. If you have not recently updated, we highly recommend that you do so now!


With this new release, the app now offers two views of your Tracker. You can still view all shows that you are tracking as before, but you also now have to ability to view only shows with unwatched episodes. Additionally, there is a bubble notification on the Tracker button which displays your total number of shows with unwatched episodes. Especially for users who track many shows, this new Tracker view should make for an easier, better, more efficient mobile experience.

This release also includes a fix for UK users that should solve stability issues that many of you have reported.

As always, we welcome your feedback! Update your app here and if you like the new changes, please feel free to leave us a review!

SideReel’s Daily Calendar Email Gets a New Look

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Hey SideReelers!

Those of you that receive our daily calendar emails might have noticed that they’ve been looking a little different recently (Don’t receive our emails and want them? Change your email preferences here to get them. We promise – they are quite useful!).

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 11.47.07 AM

(Click to enlarge image)

We’ve recently redone our daily calendar emails with a more modern, colorful look. As you can see, your emails now include show posters for all of the shows in the “Today” category. Furthermore, the new email has a responsive layout, meaning that it will scale appropriately to fit any screen size. Here is a portion of the same email from above as viewed on an iPhone 5.

If you’d like to learn more about the CSS framework used to create this email – which is free and open-source, visit

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think about the new email in the comments!

Get Your Local TV Listings Here!

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Hey SideReelers-

Back in December we launched the first version of our TV Listings, enabling you to view comprehensive listings across all US channels for primetime television. Since then, we’ve released a number of improvements, including access to 24 hours of listings, more days (you can browse 10 days ahead or behind), detailed episode descriptions and links from the listings to episode pages on SideReel.

Now, we’ve launched the biggest enhancement yet: Local TV Listings! You now have the ability to view personalized local listings by selecting your zip code, service type and provider. You can set this directly from the TV Listings page on SideReel by selecting “Change” near the top left of the grid.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.04.39 PM


If you would like to save your listings settings (and are a registered SideReel user), you must go to the Settings section of your Preferences and select/save them from there.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.34.58 PM

If you do not already have a SideReel account, you will have to sign up to save your settings!

As always, we are eager to hear feedback on this new feature. Let us know what you think, how we can make it better and what else you’d like to see in the future!

-The SideReel Team

SideReel Launches TV Listings

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Exciting news, SideReelers!

We have launched a new feature that will give you yet another way to keep up to date with everything that’s on TV: listings! These are different from our show calendar and your tracker in that they are all-inclusive Primetime listings (whereas the show calendar is a view of popular new episodes and your tracker displays new episodes of only the shows you are tracking). We think these listings will be another great way for you to discover new things that you want to watch on TV!

Currently, you can use the TV listings to set your US Time Zone and see what’s airing during Primetime between 8 and 11 PM. Additionally, “New” episodes are flagged! Soon, you’ll also be able to further customize your listings. Upcoming enhancements include the ability to select different days and time windows, read detailed episode descriptions and select your specific cable provider.

Check out our TV listings by clicking on the image above OR by clicking the “TV Listings” tab in SideReel’s top Navigation (Hint: It’s on the left!). Please play with these listings and let us know what you think – we’d love your feedback!

SideReel Turns On Frictionless Sharing

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Hey SideReelers-

We have some exciting new updates in the land of SideReel Social. Much like some of your other favorite services (think Spotify or Hulu), we’ve launched Frictionless Sharing for our Facebook & Twitter Connected users.

What does this mean? This means that IF you are a Facebook and/or Twitter connected user, you now have the ability to automatically share when you track a show or mark an episode as watched on SideReel or SideReel mobile apps.

Not feeling social? Don’t worry! You can control within your sharing preferences how much or how little you share. For both Tracking shows and Marking episodes as watched, you can opt to either 1) Share Automatically to Facebook and/or Twitter or 2) Receive a prompt each time or 3) Never share anything.

We at SideReel are super enthusiastic about television and are excited to share with our Friends what we’re tracking and watching. It’s an opportunity to see who shares your tastes and strike up a conversation with them! We hope you’ll do the same, but also understand that some users are more private. This is why we’ve offered all three options for the way in which you share the actions you take on SideReel. Furthermore, nothing will be shared on your behalf without your knowledge and consent. The first time you Track a show or Mark an episode as watched, you will be informed that these actions will be shared moving forward, unless you edit your Preferences, which you can do at any time.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Working at SideReel: Definitely Worth the Blood Loss

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Go inside the SideReel office and get a feel for our fast-paced, creative work culture, as described by actual SideReel employees. SideReel’s engineering department offers a fun and unique pairing experience and is looking for smart, accomplished humans and non-humans to join our team.

Like what you see? Check out our Jobs Page for details on how to apply!

SideReel Feature Spotlight: What’s That Box?

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Hey SideReelers!

You may have noticed (and/or lamented) that when you click on a link to watch a video on the site, a popup displays on your screen immediately afterwards. Here’s why! This popup is an opportunity for you to either:

1) Mark the episode as watched and save that information to your SideReel account.


2) Flag the link for removal if it did not function properly. You can then select a different link.

Since we realized how different these 2 functions are, we’ve revised this popup in the hopes of making it even more useful!

Now, after clicking on a link, SideReel will attempt to guess on your behalf whether you will want to do #1 or #2. Depending on this guess, you’ll see a different popup. If we think you were successfully able to watch your episode, we will display this:

However, if we think you were not able to sucessfully watch an episode, you will instead see THIS version of the same popup:

Believe it or not, these new popups have already been out on the site for over a month. We really hope that they have helped to make your episode watching experience on SideReel even more positive; they have certainly helped us to maintain a better catalog. However, keep in mind that if you prefer not to see this popup after clicking on a link that does not work, that you can disable it from your preferences on your profile.

As always, we’re happy to hear any feedback you about this feature. Has it worked for you? Did you even notice a change?

-The SideReel Team

A Note to Our Users

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A Note to Our Users-
As you have been using SideReel in recent months to watch and track your favorite TV shows online, you may have experienced some frustration in that there have been fewer options as to where you are able to watch your favorite shows. Furthermore, some of you have noted that you have submitted links offering options to watch shows, only to find that they are then being removed from the site.
We have read your comments, concerns and feedback. Here’s the good news: SideReel isn’t going anywhere! It has always been a part of SideReel’s copyright policy that we follow takedown requests from copyright holders. SideReel will remain a place where you can both watch TV online and submit links to do so; we will also continue to uphold our copyright policy.
Aside from being a place to watch your favorite shows online, we want to remind you that we are committed to providing you with a more awesome entertainment experience. This is why we’ve been rolling out enhancements to your TV Tracker, SideReel’s news and original video segments and our social features, as well as a number of exciting new features that are on the horizon. SideReel most importantly is a community created by TV fans for TV fans and we are excited about what’s in store for the future. We love our users and look forward to hearing your input on what other features and experiences you want our team to build for you!

-The SideReel Team