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SideReel’s All New Look is Just the Beginning

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SideReel's Gone Responsive

Are you sitting down for this? No? Well, then at least you’ll be ready to jump up and down now that we can announce…

Not only does the site have a totally new design, you can now get the full SideReel experience on your mobile device!

If you’re reading this on your computer, you’ve probably already noticed that we’ve given SideReel a different look and feel, but don’t panic, it still has all of the great features you love, and they all still work the same way:

Desktop View

Desktop View

Yeah, we think it looks pretty slick, too.

But our desktop view is just the beginning. Do you remember our old phone view? It’s gone, and it’s been replaced by a beautiful new interface with full site functionality!New Mobile Site!

Tablet owners, you don’t think we left you out did you? Because we definitely didn’t. You get a lovely new, tablet-optimized site as well:New Tablet View

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting. Everything behind the scenes is still the same; you still have your same account, tracked shows, reviews, and badges, we’ve just made the site a lot easier to use for everyone! We encourage you to to play around with it as much as possible, and let us know your thoughts through Facebook, Twitter, or GetSatisfaction.

As always, thanks for being the best TV community on the internet. We ‘reel-y love you!

SideReel’s New iOS and Mobile Web Experiences

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We know one of the main reasons you use SideReel is because it’s tough keeping on top of everything you want to watch. That’s why our new iOS app is designed to help you find, schedule, and track your personal prime time experience. In addition to a completely redesigned interface for iOS7, some of the great new features include:SideReel's iOS Apps

  • The ability to filter your tracker by both show and episode status. Want to see only unwatched episodes of shows currently on hiatus? Go ahead and customize your tracker!
  • Links to high quality sources like iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Hulu Plus that you can access right from your iPhone or iPad.
  • A user-friendly design that allows you to more easily track shows and mark episodes as watched.
  • A unique experience for iPad users that incorporates all of the features of the iPhone interface, but with large screen usability in mind.

For our Android and Windows Mobile ‘Reelers, we also have a beautiful, new mobile site with a lot of the same features, including full mobile tracker functionality (with filters), our great back catalog, and in-episode links to those same reliable, high quality sources.

We love helping you customize your television experience, so don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on our Get Satisfaction page, on social, or right here in the comments!

Have You Updated Your SideReel iOS App?

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Hey iOS users, we’ve recently updated the SideReel app (for iPhone AND iPad), which now contains a frequently requested new feature as well as stability fixes. If you have not recently updated, we highly recommend that you do so now!


With this new release, the app now offers two views of your Tracker. You can still view all shows that you are tracking as before, but you also now have to ability to view only shows with unwatched episodes. Additionally, there is a bubble notification on the Tracker button which displays your total number of shows with unwatched episodes. Especially for users who track many shows, this new Tracker view should make for an easier, better, more efficient mobile experience.

This release also includes a fix for UK users that should solve stability issues that many of you have reported.

As always, we welcome your feedback! Update your app here and if you like the new changes, please feel free to leave us a review!

The SideReel app is on the iPad

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Hey, SideReelers!

We’re always trying to give you more ways to find, track and watch your favorite TV. So we’re happy to announce that you can now use the SideReel app on your iPad! The newly released second version of our iOS app is iPad compatible and syncs easily with iTunes and Hulu Plus, so you can watch episodes directly on your iPad.

The app, which is available on any iOS device, features an improved layout and stability, and a better experience for you to find and track shows. It also allows you to create a personal television calendar of the TV you want to follow and get notifications when your shows are about to air.

The app still has the usual SideReel features you’re used to, like finding and tracking shows, marking episodes that you’ve watched and getting access to our TV listings that include more than 27,000 shows!

So head to iTunes now and try it out!


The SideReel iOS App Has Arrived!

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See TV Listings, Buy Shows, and Create a Personal Calendar – From Anywhere

SideReel today announced the availability of an iPhone/iPad app designed to help users find, track and watch their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere. It is available in the iTunes App Store.

With the app, you can:
• Find favorite TV shows
• See TV listings and create a personal TV calendar
• Purchase and watch available episodes through iTunes and Hulu Plus
• Get notifications when shows are airing
• Track shows they have watched and want to watch

Check it out! And if you like it, please leave a review!