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SideReel Joins AMN

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Big news! After about two and a half years as a part of Rovi Corporation, SideReel is on the move once more. As of August 15th, SideReel has left Rovi and joined All Media Network, a new company established by SideReel leadership in partnership with Ackrell Capital. Joining SideReel at All Media Network are its sister site, as well as 3 other Rovi Consumer Web properties: AllMovie, AllMusic and AllGame.

We’re all really excited about this next phase and feel confident that it will enable us to bring you all even better products! If you haven’t yet checked out any of the other All Media sites, we encourage you to do so. We know that as entertainment fans, you’ll also love them as much as you love us! SideReel will also be working more closely with our other sister sites moving forward, beginning with SideReel movie picks transitioning over to AllMovie, which will be occurring shortly.

As always, we want to thank you all for being incredibly loyal users. Without your constant support and feedback, SideReel would not be where it is today.


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SideReel Milestone: 4 Million!

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Yesterday, our 4 millionth user signed up to find, track and watch shows on SideReel. This is an exciting milestone for us, as we doubled our registered users in less than one year! We reached 2 million registered users in January.

Thanks, awesome users, and as always we’re excited to hear any feedback that you may have.

Anyone want to guess when we’ll hit 5 million?

It’s Official, SideReelers!

By | Press | No Comments has been acquired and is now officially a part of Rovi Corporation. We have exciting new features in the works and now with Rovi, we plan to continue to help you find, track and watch your favorite shows at

We have come a long way since 2007 (wiki, anyone?!) and we want to thank you all for being incredibly loyal users. Without your constant support and feedback, SideReel would not be where it is today.

If you’d like more information on the acquisition please visit’s news center:

Thanks again!

– The SideReel team

The SideReel iOS App Has Arrived!

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See TV Listings, Buy Shows, and Create a Personal Calendar – From Anywhere

SideReel today announced the availability of an iPhone/iPad app designed to help users find, track and watch their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere. It is available in the iTunes App Store.

With the app, you can:
• Find favorite TV shows
• See TV listings and create a personal TV calendar
• Purchase and watch available episodes through iTunes and Hulu Plus
• Get notifications when shows are airing
• Track shows they have watched and want to watch

Check it out! And if you like it, please leave a review!

SideReel Survey of Online TV Behavior Finds Unexpected Results: Users Aging, Social Networking Not Important, 5% Own iPad

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SideReel, the largest independent TV destination on the web with more than 10 million monthly unique users, released results from an online video survey of 1800+ users today. Conducted in December 2010, the survey identifies usage patterns in the areas of social media, Web TV, and the use of connected devices.

“People are mixing new technologies with familiar ones to get a personalized TV experience that includes all of their favorite shows,” said SideReel CEO Roman Arzhintar. “For many, traditional TV watching is starting to supplement online watching, rather than the other way around.”

Highlights below.

Social media
Social Media is important, but only for 25 percent of online TV watchers. While 29 percent used Twitter, none of the check-in services including GetGlue, Miso, Clicker or Foursquare have significant usage among SideReel’s TV watchers. Only 10 percent of users want to broadcast what they are watching – or want to watch – to their friends. Only 25 percent of SideReelers want to know what their friends are watching – down 50 percent from last year.

Connecting Computers & TVs
Forty percent had connected their computer to their TV in the past month, a three-fold increase over last year’s results. Sixty percent of people connecting a device to a TV connect their computer, and five percent use a box like Roku, Boxee or Google TV.

Twenty-four percent of SideReel visitors subscribe to Netflix. Seventy percent of users who stream video via the Internet to their TV do so using Netflix. Thirty percent of users stream video other than Netflix to their TVs.

Time Spent Watching/Cord Trimming
Users who watch more than 10 hours per week are less likely to have cable than users who watch less than 10 hours online – these are likely tomorrow’s cord cutters, or cord trimmers. 72 percent of SideReel users watch more than five hours of TV online per week.

Thirty percent of SideReel users own an iOS device. Sixteen percent own an Android device. More than five percent of SideReel users have an iPad – impressive for a new device.

About SideReel
Founded in 2007, SideReel helps users find, track and watch shows online. SideReel’s library includes over 24,000 shows and more than 530,000 episodes. SideReel also creates and distributes original video recaps, recommendations, news, reviews and gossip for popular TV shows. If it’s online, it’s on SideReel. For more information please visit

SideReel is growing! And fast!

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2 Million Users

Yesterday, our two millionth user signed up to find, track and watch shows on SideReel. This is an exciting milestone for us, as we reached 1.5 million users in September 2010 – just four months ago.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make it easier than ever to use SideReel from wherever you are and whatever device you are using, so stay tuned for exciting news in the coming weeks and months.

If you’re one of our new subscribers, welcome to SideReel! If you’ve been around for a while already – thank you!

Press Release: Online TV Viewing Trends Defy Nielsen Ratings – 6.7.2010

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 7, 2010 — As this year’s television season draws to a close, a newly emerging trend has become clear: online viewers prefer vastly different types of shows than their offline counterparts. SideReel, the largest independent destination for people to track and watch shows online, has measured markedly different viewing trends among its online TV audience than Nielsen’s offline audience.

Divergent Online vs. Offline TV Show Ratings

Online TV viewers are younger and more discriminating. They’re driving consumption away from the TV set to the computer.

Shows regularly topping the Nielsen charts – like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and NCIS – are absent from SideReel’s most viewed shows, while series with lower Nielsen ratings – like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and recently-canceled Scrubs – are perpetual SideReel favorites. Gossip Girl, for example, ranked No. 125 in the Nielsen ratings this season but regularly holds the No. 1 spot on SideReel.

“Online TV viewers are younger and more discriminating,” said CEO and co-founder Roman Arzhintar. “They’re driving consumption away from the TV set to the computer.” Since August 2009, advertising dollars have also followed this valuable demographic online. 80% of SideReel users are between 18 and 34 years old and watch between 10-20 hours of online TV per week.

SideReel makes it easy to track shows you’ve watched and want to watch, get new episodes as soon as they become available, and share your favorite shows with friends. Get over 17,000 shows, 97,000 episodes and the latest community news, reviews and gossip in one place. If it’s online, it’s on SideReel.

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Download this press release as a PDF.