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Soaps: Far From Washed Up

Beloved characters are returning from the dead for second chances at romance and treachery! Sound like the plot of a soap opera? Try two soap operas — namely All My Children and One Life to Live, which return today on Hulu, the gold standard of free streaming services. 2013 is turning out to be the […]

Network TV Must Change with the Times

Today Amazon released 14 original series pilots, giving consumers editorial control over its original programming, and catching up with the offerings of competitors like Netflix, which has recently introduced its own group of original series. There’s no question that streaming originals like these will continue to come in droves, as the streaming providers strive to compete […]

SideReel Content Trends – February’s Numbers Soar!

Hey SideReel! Check out February’s SideReel Content Trends, our second monthly recap of all the best in SideReel! We’re doing everything we can to offer the deepest library of TV content anywhere online, and February’s SideReel Content Trends showcases those efforts. We’re nearing 12 million total show tracks – that’s 12 MILLION – and with […]

SideReel Content Trends – What’s new this month at SideReel

It has been our promise to showcase the best in online TV content, and we are always committed to giving our users the ability to find, track and watch TV content wherever it is online. Part of that commitment is ensuring that our users can find that content directly from the source; that’s why we […]

SideReel Trends: Most Popular Shows & Videos of 2011

If you visit SideReel frequently, you probably have noticed our weekly Top 10 Lists scattered around the site. With 2011 coming to a close, we thought you’d be curious to know what the Top 10 Most Popular Shows of the year are based on site traffic. Without further ado: 1. How I Met Your Mother […]

SideReel Survey of Online TV Behavior Finds Unexpected Results: Users Aging, Social Networking Not Important, 5% Own iPad

SideReel, the largest independent TV destination on the web with more than 10 million monthly unique users, released results from an online video survey of 1800+ users today. Conducted in December 2010, the survey identifies usage patterns in the areas of social media, Web TV, and the use of connected devices. “People are mixing new […]

SideReel’s Guide to Cutting the Cable

By Megan Larson Welcome to SideReel’s Guide to Cutting the Cable, a series designed to help viewers explore the current options in the world of Internet-based TV. We’ve all heard that the future of television watching is online, but where do you start? Is there really an online alternative to your cable box? Are paid […]

SideReel Annual Survey Preview: We’re Getting Old!

SideReel users – we’re getting old! Well, old-ER anyway. Results of SideReel’s annual survey found that the average user age has jumped from 26 years old to 29 since we last checked. Now before we all run out and stock up on anti-aging cream, let’s review what happened in 2010 in online video to bring […]