Great Reviews and Lists Deserve a Thumbs Up

Our SideReel community members have been pretty busy reviewing shows lately, so we wanted to make sure the most helpful opinions are being shown first—and we realized that no one is more qualified to make that decision than YOU! That’s why we’re psyched to introduce our new “Thumbs Up” feature! If you see a review that you think captures the essence of why someone should (or shouldn’t bother!) watching a show, give it your seal of approval by giving it a thumbs up. The reviews with the most up-votes will display first on the Reviews page and will also appear on the main show page!Thumbs UpTop Reviews



And we didn’t stop at reviews—we also added this feature to SideReel Lists!



Remember, the more quality reviews and lists you create, the more love you’ll get from other community members! We rely on you to make sure the best stuff on SideReel gets seen, so go ahead, give your favorites a thumbs up!


  • I have used this site for years. I have always loved how you keep us all informed on what’s new what’s canceled and so forth. But for 3 days I have not been able to see anything on the site. It say’s i’m logged in but won’t show anything . None of the normal video’s of what’s going on in tv land, no tracker, no calender … nothing. Please fix this!! Thank you

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