Show Events, Sharing, and Episode Ratings!

We’ve been busy bees here at SideReel the last few months, and while we’re always excited to introduce new features, we’re REALLY excited about these ones!

First up, Show Events! We know you loved our old Cancellation Buzz page, but the new version gives you a beautiful, real-time look at where everything stands. Click “See All” to be instantly transported to the full feed, and see what’s been green-lighted, cancelled, concluding, renewed, resurrected, or just given a premiere date! Feel passionate about a particular event? Now you can like or comment on any of them:


The second piece to all of this is making everything easily shareable. On SideReel page you NEED to share with friends?  Just click the social icons and share to your favorite network:sharing1

Particularly proud of a review you wrote? Share those to Facebook and Twitter right from the review. They’ll show up beautifully in your feed:sharing2

Finally, you asked for ’em, and so we delivered… episode ratings! You can now rate episodes right from your tracker, or from the showpage:


We hope you’re as psyched about these new features as we are, but we’re always looking for more ideas! Tell us what you’d like to see on SideReel here in the comments, on our Facebook or Twitter sites, or on GetSatisfaction.


  • Vi says:

    Hi Sidereel ! :)

    Three suggestions :

    1) I’d love it if a lot of personalized features on the site, like news-for-you, applied not just to the shows I track, but also to the shows on my lists, which have shows I’m planning on starting later, shows I’m catching upon during the summer and put on hold for 9 months, etc ; I take those shows out of my tracker so they don’t clutter it, but I still care about them !

    2) I’d like it if the full cancellation/renewal feed could be displayed as a “my stuff” view as well ; there are so many shows on it !

    3) I guess maybe a “Don’t spoil me” list for shows we track but are not up to date with would be a good idea too ? I fell behind on half of my shows since Christmas due to a ton of work, and as a result, have given up on reading my news-for-you entirely ! (even better : if shows could be automagically added to that “Don’t spoil me” list based on which episode our Tracker says we’re at !)

    Thanks ! You guys are awesome ! 😀

  • Leah E. Friedman says:

    Hi Vi!

    Thanks for the ideas. I’ll pass them along to our product team :)


  • Aryan says:


    I’m unable to add any new shows to my tracker. Why so? Can’t find any option/button to click on – on any show’s page, e.g., mr robot.

    Any ideas?


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