SideReel Annual Survey Preview: We’re Getting Old!

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SideReel users – we’re getting old! Well, old-ER anyway.

Results of SideReel’s annual survey found that the average user age has jumped from 26 years old to 29 since we last checked.

Now before we all run out and stock up on anti-aging cream, let’s review what happened in 2010 in online video to bring more (and older) people online to watch television.

– Cord cutting: it’s not just for newborns anymore. More people are getting rid of cable and relying on their computers for entertainment. Cable companies needn’t panic today – plenty of people still want and need traditional cable subscriptions – but it will be interesting to see how the next few years play out, and how much broadcast content will become freely available online.
– Netflix: the DVD-shipping company announced that it is now the Streaming Company Formerly Known for DVDs, and will focus on making premium TV content available to users on-demand. Some content is already available, and we will be eagerly awaiting news in 2011 for even more.
– GoogleTV launched amidst all kinds of controversy with broadcast networks, but let’s all admit that the platform has potential. Other devices like Boxee, Roku, Apple TV and others all gained steam in 2010, and the connected TV race is officially on.
– People really started watching made-for-web series like “Between Two Ferns: With Zach Galifianakis” and “Very Mary Kate” in 2010. At SideReel we’re working hard to find the best content and bring it to you – so check it out! WebTV rocks!
– And last but not least (with no scientific data to back this up), I don’t know about yours, but my parents (Baby Boomers) are starting to use the scary Internet machine for things other than incessant forwarding of chain emails and checking the weather – and they’re kind of a big group.

Despite all this, 18-24 years olds continue to be our largest age demographic (44% of all users) and 68% of our users are 18-34. So youngins – keep watching TV online – and teach your parents how to do it too!

Thank you and Happy New Year!  – Pam

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