SideReel Feature Spotlight: What’s That Box?

Hey SideReelers!

You may have noticed (and/or lamented) that when you click on a link to watch a video on the site, a popup displays on your screen immediately afterwards. Here’s why! This popup is an opportunity for you to either:

1) Mark the episode as watched and save that information to your SideReel account.


2) Flag the link for removal if it did not function properly. You can then select a different link.

Since we realized how different these 2 functions are, we’ve revised this popup in the hopes of making it even more useful!

Now, after clicking on a link, SideReel will attempt to guess on your behalf whether you will want to do #1 or #2. Depending on this guess, you’ll see a different popup. If we think you were successfully able to watch your episode, we will display this:

However, if we think you were not able to sucessfully watch an episode, you will instead see THIS version of the same popup:

Believe it or not, these new popups have already been out on the site for over a month. We really hope that they have helped to make your episode watching experience on SideReel even more positive; they have certainly helped us to maintain a better catalog. However, keep in mind that if you prefer not to see this popup after clicking on a link that does not work, that you can disable it from your preferences on your profile.

As always, we’re happy to hear any feedback you about this feature. Has it worked for you? Did you even notice a change?

-The SideReel Team

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  • El Bruce says:

    I just want to say, SideReel offers an incredibly useful service. Just as I use Google Reader to keep up (via RSS) on my webcomics, so do I find SideReel incredibly handy to keep up on my missed TV shows. I don’t watch much TV – and when I do, it’s on the Internet – but I do need something to tell me which shows I’ve missed. Your functionality provides that for me.

    IMO, a major content producer such as Hulu or Netflix should buy you out, if they were smart enough to. Until that happens, I’ll continue to take advantage of your excellent product.

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