SideReel’s Merge Accounts Feature is Live!

Good news, SideReelers! Our brand-new Merge Accounts feature is now LIVE! If you’ve previously tried to Facebook-Connect (or Twitter-Connect) your SideReel account and ended up with separate/duplicate accounts instead of one fully-connected account, you can now merge your multiple accounts into one (without losing all your tracked shows and watched episode progress)!

To begin the process, click here! (or go to:

Please email if you have any additional questions!



  • Martine says:

    This is great news. I love sidereel, I use it every day but this problem was really bugging me too.

    Thanks for fixing this !

  • Anne Burke says:

    Please I want to cancel my account, it’s not what I tough, I don’t want it.

    Thank you!

  • cornelia iordache birleaza says:

    I want to cancel my account,please! I can not see my favourite TV series! It only works in US and I’m not leaving there!

  • please help me if you can I am using my sons computer. He had account with sidereel and I cant use it because I have no passwords. I have been tryin to set up account for myself so I can watch any episodes that I miss of my favorites. The problem is I keep getting feedback saying that my email is already being used. My son who has account with sidereel is Nicholas Keatts. My son passed away in Nov 2011 and I have his computer now. Can someone please help so I can enjoy watching my favorite shows I have been struggling for months with this. Thank you kindly

  • can u please close my acount ……thank you

  • diana says:

    my account is dbarks if you could merge them that would be amazing :) thanks!

  • sleepie says:

    Why is it that I can’t some to watch smallville all season .

  • Lia47 says:

    I would like to cancel my account. It is not what I thought it was. Thank you for your help.

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