SideReel’s Tracker Gets a Redesign

Tracking your favorite shows on SideReel just got even easier. We are pleased to introduce our latest site improvement, a redesigned personal show Tracker! Not only does the Tracker have an updated visual look, but it also has some awesome new features. These include the ability to sort your tracked shows, find out when your series usually air on live television, and see stats about how many total shows you’re tracking and watching.

We’re pretty happy with this updated design and feel confident that your Tracker is now easier to use and will enable you to more easily discover what episodes you might be missing of your favorite TV shows. We hope you love this redesign as well and as always welcome any feedback you may have.


  • CindiJ says:

    I am not thrilled with the new design of the tracker. I want to see ALL of my shows, not just the ones that have unwatched episodes. (Crazy, I know, but I’m OCD like that.) Unchecking the little box that says “Hide Up to Date Shows” does nothing. My other shows do not appear, and when I refresh the page, it’s the same thing – and the box is checked again. Please do something about this before I throw my laptop across the room.

  • Pedro Abreu says:

    awesome change,finally. but the “total episodes seen” feature is still missing :(

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