What’s New in Web TV

By December 6, 2010 Web TV No Comments

Check out Alex’s recommendations for hot new shows on Web TV below.

KoldCast.tv’s Miss Behave, which features a bunch of rich Malibu teenagers making bad decisions, is appealing in the guilty pleasure sort of way. Who can ever get enough of that? With Season 2 premiering on December 16, we’ll be watching once again.

The Better Sleep Council has teamed up with CJP Media to create a web series called Suite 7 that aims to entertain, but also to advocate the importance of getting a good night of sleep on a decent mattress. Suite 7 will air on December 17 on My Lifetime.com and already has some serious celeb street cred, with Illeana Douglas, Brian Austin Green, Milo Ventimiglia, and Shannen Doherty making appearances.

Jackass is coming to the web this March in the form of a weekly Jackass webseries. Since they all started out making videos for the web, you could say that this is an epic return to their roots.

Know of a great web series? Feel free to recommend other shows here at the blog or at SideReel.com/_webtv!

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